Blick vom Hohenneuffen im Landkreis Esslingen zur Achalm im Landkreis Reutlingen.


Steinhilben (Trochtelfingen), The county of Reutlingen

The castle of Steinhilben, also called Steinhaus (stone house), was most plausibly built in the 12th century by the Lords of Steinhilben, who were first mentioned in 1247. In 1310, the property was sold to Württemberg and at the end of the 14th century the Lords of Steinhilben gave large parts of their possessions to the Güterstein provost. After the Reformation and the revocation of the Güterstein provost, the castle was owned by Württemberg from 1555 onward. In 1878, the Steinhaus was demolished.

72818 Trochtelfingen-Steinhilben
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