Blick vom Hohenneuffen im Landkreis Esslingen zur Achalm im Landkreis Reutlingen.

Castles and Palaces in the Landkreis (administrative district) Reutlingen

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Castles and Palaces in the Landkreis (administrative district) Reutlingen

What artists and poets originating from the Swabian Alps have already had discovered for themselves in the 19th century, is nowadays a crucial part of every travel guide: castles, palaces and their remains. During 18th century Romanticism, castles, palaces and their remains were understood as symbols of the “homeland’s splendor,” similar to the fascination with chapels and monasteries. The search for motifs led artists to the Echaz Valley with Lichtenstein Castle, one of the most famous fairytale castles in Württemberg, to the Erms Valley with the Hohenurach or to the Lauter Valley, where the Schülzburg was situated.

Even today, hikers can discover around eighty castles in the administrative district of Reutlingen. Some of those are still inhabited and at Lichtenstein Castle one can nowadays even get married. Another medieval castle is located on the nearby Achalm, the “Hausberg” of the city of Reutlingen.  In 2009, the city acquired the rights to the hill, which was similar to the acquisition of the castle of Bichishausen a few years ago.

(Excerpt taken from: “Einfach gerne hier – Der Landkreis Reutlingen – Seine Menschen, Seine Geschichten”)



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