Blick auf die Ruine Stöffelburg mit einer gelben Blumenwiese im Vordergrund.


Gönningen (Reutlingen), The county of Reutlingen

The Stöffelburg was probably built in the 12th century by the noble family of Stöffeln. In 1300, after a conflict, Kuno, Albrecht and Konrad of Stöffeln handed the castle and Gönningen over to Count Eberhard of Württemberg. After his death, it belonged to Count Ulrich III of Württemberg and his brother-in-law Rudolf of Hohenberg. In 1339, the Stöffelburg was entirely owned by Württemberg.   Only a few years later the aforementioned possessions were pledged to Ulrich Truchsess of Urach, who took up residence in the castle. He sold part of the property to the Reichsstadt Reutlingen. Reutlingen seized Gönningen in 1388 during the War of Cities and destroyed the nearby Stöffelburg. After the Battle of Döffingen in 1388 the occupied estates were returned to Württemberg and Reutlingen renounced its rights. The castle was abandoned and turned into a ruin, of which one can today see the moats.

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