Blick auf den Hügel der Burg Siegeburg, inmitten eines Waldes.


Upflamör (The municipality of Zwiefalten), The county of Reutlingen

The remains of the Siegeburg lie in the north-east of Upflamör on a narrow mountain spur above the Geisinger valley. The castle was allegedly founded in the 12th century by Count Siegfried of Altshausen. In the 13th century, a Reichenau family of ministerialis bore the epithet “Sella,” meaning saddle. In 1301, a certain Walter of Sigeberg is being mentioned as a citizen of Riedlingen. The castle was a fief of the Reichenau monastery about ten years later, which it had received from the Counts of Veringen, who - apart from Upflamör - also owned Ellhausen and Waschlinshülbe. In 1311, Count Wolfrad of Veringen and his brother Henry sold the castle together with the aforementioned villages to the Zwiefalten monastery, for which they received about 540 pounds.  The Siegeburg must have been abandoned soon after 1311, as it is referred to as a Burgstall from 1350 onward.

88529 Upflamör
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