Blick vom Hohenneuffen im Landkreis Esslingen zur Achalm im Landkreis Reutlingen.


Mittelstadt (Reutlingen), The county of Reutlingen

The area of today’s Mittelstadt was settled very early on with traces of Roman settlement in Lachenhau and in the Zehnthof. Local nobility is first mentioned in documents dating to around 1245. However, exactly where a noble family, presumed vassals of the Counts of Berg, lived, is unknown. Oral tradition suggests a district called “Auf Burg” not far from today’s upper end of the Neckartenzlinger Straße. A stone house, which might have been home to such a noble family, is mentioned in 1395 and is believed to be part of today’s building situated at Badbrunnenstraße 27. The house can be traced back to the 17th century as an Austrian fiefdom and could have belonged to the Counts of Berg, who, together with their county, became part of Habsburg Austria in 1343. At the beginning of the 15th century, said building belonged to the Glaheimer family, who gave it to a middle-class family.

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