Blick auf einen Erdhügel der Burg Hielock, inmitten eines Waldes.


Mägerkingen (Trochtelfingen), The county of Reutlingen

The castle of Hielock most plausibly was home to the noble family of Mägerkingen, although there is no written evidence suggesting that. It was probably built at the beginning of the 12th century by Milo and Henry of Mägerkingen, who are mentioned in 1138 as servants to the Counts of Achalm-​Gammertingen. In 1411, the Counts of Württemberg gave the castle and the village to the Lords of Rechberg, from 1437 to 1441 it was handed to the Counts of Werdenberg, and then it was given to Trochtelfingen.

72818 Trochtelfingen-Mägerkingen
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