Blick auf den Felsen von Burgstein aus der Luft.


Holzelfingen (The municipality of Lichtenstein), The county of Reutlingen

Today, the Burgstein is a striking free-standing rock on the edge of the plateau near Holzelfingen. Whether a medieval castle ever stood on the Burgstein is still discussed by numerous researchers. Especially, newer research questions its existence. Nevertheless, there are striking indications. Distinctive field names such as Burgholz, Burgholzäcker and Burgstein can be traced back to 1453. In addition, in 1596 the Swabian historian Martin Crusius wrote about a castle on the Burgstein, which is said to have belonged to the Greifenstein family. Last but not least, the terrain is striking. Local nobility living in the nearby village is being mentioned in the 13th century. They probably were servants of the Greifenstein family. However, there is no evidence suggesting this family could have owned a castle.

72805 Holzelfingen
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