Blick auf den Felsen des Burgrest Blankenhorn, inmitten eines Waldes.


Sirchingen (Bad Urach), The county of Reutlingen

To this day, it is not known who the original owners of the castle were, which commonly bears the misleading name “Blankenhorn.” In medieval sources, it is not mentioned and any nobility associated with it is also unknown. The name refers to the Blankenhorn family, who were farmers and were quite wealthy. In the 15th century, they had a number of possessions in the surrounding villages. However, the family was neither of noble rank nor is there any evidence suggesting a connection to the Blankenhorn castle. In addition, archaeological finds suggest that it was built in the 11th century, indicating that it existed long before the first members of the Blankenhorn family were mentioned. These finds also suggest that it might have already been given up a century later, making it simultaneously one of the oldest as well as one of the earliest abandoned castles in the upper Ermstal.

72574 Bad Urach
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