Der Ameisenbühl in Bad Urach.


Bad Urach, The county of Reutlingen

There is no proof of the construction or the function of a castle located on the Ameisenbühl. Christoph Bizer found a few prehistoric pottery fragments, which probably date to the Hallstatt period. Hence, the Ameisenbühl cannot be classified, but its shape speaks for a small medieval castle. Today, where a castle might have stood, there is a hill-like rampart, which is circa three meters high. A hiking trail as well as the border of Urach and Sankt Johann, marked with stones, leads through it. It encloses an area, which is about 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. There are no traces of buildings or artificial terrain changes. In the surrounding woods, one can find a number of shallow pits, indicating searches for iron.

72584 Bad Urach
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