Blick auf das Käpfle mit einer gelben Blumenwiese im Vordergrund und dem Aussichtsturm im Hintergrund.

Alte Burg ("Käpfle")

Reutlingen, The county of Reutlingen

The oldest indication of a castle on the so-called “Käpfle” stems from the name “Alteburg,” which referred to a farm nearby. An “Alteburg” is mentioned in a sale’s bill from 1315, in which the Johanniters of Hemmendorf separated themselves from their possessions in Bronnweiler. Other documents dating to 1393 and 1474 explicitly mention a ruin formerly named “Alteburg.” Descriptions of the castle can also be found in Johannes Fizion’s rhyme or chronicle, which was written around 1630. In it, he mentions an old crumbling castle. In addition, following an official description from 1824, there was no trace left of the castle in 1857 and 1858, which could be the reason why the architect Johann Georg Grupp eagerly strived for uncovering and restoring the ruins. 50 years later the Reutlinger Verschönerungsverein erected a scaffold for enjoying the view and in 1974, today’s look-out was built.

Alte Burg ("Käpfle")
72764 Reutlingen
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